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Lessons from the Hall – Others are Key to Your Happiness and Success

Reposted from Dan Hesse's LinkedIn series on Executive Leadership and Corporate Responsibility. The following was published August 11, 2015. 


The family spent an enjoyable and inspirational weekend together in Canton, OH to see the eight new members of the class of 2015 enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  We were especially glad to see Jerome Bettis and Tim Brown inducted (Go Irish!), and also to see Chiefs great Will Shields enter the Hall.

The acceptance speeches were excellent. Sydney Seau’s introduction for her father was moving. What struck me was the consistency of the themes from the speeches. Each player emphasized experiences off the field and the importance of the “complete person”, rather than on the football player.

It was evident that passion, love of the game, and hard work by the player are half the recipe for success. The other half is the love and support of others -- family, friends and mentors.  By pursuing a sport they love, aided by the guidance and help of others, they’ve achieved happiness and fulfillment.  

These speeches and the experience in Canton echo a quote from Albert Schweitzer, which I included in a recent interview with Forbes (linked below).

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”

The conversation with Forbes’ Robert Reiss closed with my advice for millennials as they position themselves for success. You can read more of the interview here: According To Dan Hesse, 'The Mobile Internet Changes Everything"– Forbes, July 2015