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How Fortune 500 CEOs Can Drive Corporate Responsibility | Forbes

Dan Hesse was presented with the lifetime achievement award by Publisher of Corporate Responsibility Magazine in November 2013. Robert Reiss conducted the following interview with Dan Hesse to discuss the role of CEOs in solving the world's most pressing issues. 


What is it about Fortune 500 CEOs that uniquely positions them to impact some of the world’s most pressing problems?

Dan Hesse: Because of the great divide between America’s political parties, plus global political differences, governments are less effective at solving problems, so the mantle of leadership is being passed to the leaders of the largest companies.  Fortune 500 CEO’s effect the lives and livelihoods of millions – customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders.  Values-based business leadership has never been more important to solving the country’s and the world’s problems.

What is the relationship between corporate responsibility and building a great organization with strong financial performance?

Dan Hesse: Corporate responsibility has become an important foundation in building Sprint’s culture.  It helps us attract and retain great talent because it’s a common cause and belief system that motivates us all to perform.  Many CR initiatives also reduce costs in areas like the usage of energy, water, or paper, thereby improving financial performance.

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